What is Convergence?

Simply stated, Convergence is the intersecting and integration of two or more technologies. We are witnessing the convergence of voice and data transmission from separate analog and digital networks to a single digital network capable of moving voice, data and video information

How does your company navigate the countless choices in offerings for equipment and services to arrive at the correct solution for your business?

This is where IT WORX can help

A successful use of technology is based upon a series of choices that integrate infrastructure, equipment and services that best serves the needs of your company and your budget. There are choices for vendors, provisioning, cabling and equipment that are all related to how well technology works for you. Whether you are in an established office, moving or expanding to a new location, I T WORX can provide the following services:

  • Review, recommend, order and manage available telecom providers and services
  • Coordination of vendors and service providers to insure a timely, organized move or implementation.
  • Acquisition and setup of equipment
  • Network and computer troubleshooting and maintenance

Most companies do not have on staff IT to accomplish this. You need a company that understands all components of the technology equation.

IT WORX is ready to work for you.

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